Masomo Bunifu ya Biblia

Bible for Children
Bible For Children exists to make Jesus Christ known to children through distributing illustrated Bible stories and related material in different forms and media, including the World Wide Web, Cell Phone/PDA's, printed color tracts and coloring books, in every language a child make speak. These Bible Stories are to be distributed to the 1.8 billion children of the world freely wherever possible.

Ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing (Swahili MP3 Bible)
Faith Comes By Hearing is committed to reaching the nations with the Word of God in Audio, offering the Bible in a format that will connect with the world's 50% illiterate population. To accomplish this enormous task, the Lord has assembled a group of committed leaders and dedicated servants of His Word to develop into a reality the vision of bringing His church together and making disciples. The word "nation" is the Greek word ethnos, which means "of the same language and people group," not the political borders of a country. The worldwide Bible translation and distribution ministries have determined there are 6,809 ethnos, or nations, in the world, most of which cross many political borders.

Lutheran Radio Centre
The Lutheran Radio Centre in Tanzania.

Redio Habari Maalum
RHM ni kitengo cha Habari Maalum Media, kinachohusika na Vipindi vya Redio vinavyoandaliwa hapa RHM. Tangu RHM ilipoanzishwa mwaka 1974 imekuwa ikiandaa vipindi mbali mbali vya redio vinavyohusiana na maisha ya kikristo na maisha tunayoishi ya kila siku.

Soma Biblia Tanzania
Soma Biblia ni huduma ya uinjilisti kwa njia ya maandiko inayoendeshwa kwa kujitegemea chini ya Danish Lutheran Mission.

Emmaus Correspondence Bible School
Emmaus Correspondence School was established in 1942 in Canada. Courses are available in 110 countries and in 125 languages. More than seventeen million have been distributed around the world.

Bridgeway Publications
Bridgeway is operated by a few volunteers. We have no staff, no office, no vehicles, no equipment, no independent funds, and we do not partner with people or ministries other than to send books as money becomes available. We all work from our homes, but over the past 20 years we have sent hundreds and thousands of books into more than 50 needy countries.

Berea Bible College, Moshi
The Berea Bible College is an independent evangelical training facility in northern Tanzania working with and for Kanisa La Biblia - Northern Branch as well as other churches in the area.

Nairobi Chapel Kenya
The mission of the Nairobi Chapel is "Growing DEEP to reach WIDE". The intention is to present each man mature in Christ, and to enable them to show such maturity by their 'fruit' for the Kingdom.

Africa Inland Mission
With over 100 years experience, AIM International is an evangelical, interdenominational organisation with the goal of seeing "Christ-centred churches among all African peoples." Africa Inland Mission has over 930 people working in over 20 countries in Africa, all sharing the same goal of reaching out to those who have never heard the gospel.


Wasiliana nasi

Kanisa la Biblia Publishers
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